Established in 2009, NEXTERS GLOBAL Ltd. (hereinafter NEXTERS) is a successful and prolific game development and publishing company within the global cross-platform games market. From full-cycle developing to publishing, NEXTERS is responsible for several commercially successful games on Web (HTML), iOS and Android platforms. Through its holistic and tailored approach to the entertainment, NEXTERS has developed a passionate fan base of users around the world.

For Users

NEXTERS brand means “Your entertainment. Our job”.

We develop NEXTERS brand with a multi-platform approach.

Our unique approach in publishing helped us to reach the results of several million monthly active users across all applicable platforms.

NEXTERS notable releases include Throne Rush, real-time epic strategy, Hero Wars, role playing fantasy adventure, and Island Experiment — a mysterious puzzle and adventure game.

For Businesses

We are ready to share our experience in digital entertainment industry and help your business to enter the computer game world. NEXTERS is focused on providing the following holistic services in software development & analytics industry:

- designing and developing of computer game software and supplementary computer systems;

- analyses of computer game and computer systems;

- designing and developing of web-platforms including SaaS-platforms for computer gaming purposes;

- computer game publishing, promotion, advertising and supplementary marketing research;

- computer game software maintenance and support;

- technical advising on related matters etc.

NEXTERS is an independent company located in Cyprus. For more information, visit our web-page and follow us on Facebook.