Hero Wars

Battle and win in Hero Wars — the new outstanding online action RPG game. Summon your team of unique heroes and train them to get into the hall of fame of a Dominion fantasy world!

From the eternity Dominion lands used to live in peace and thrive, protected by magical powers of the Guards. But now the Empire is flaring with fire and rage and the guards have no more power. Woods and rivers, oceans and wild karoos — guards will have to go down to a volcano crater to regain Dominion from cruel monsters. Ancient artefacts will help get back forgotten magical talents, while dark domes of ancestors’ Tower will share the mastery secrets. Heroes know that while they are together, the light of truth will never fade and Dominion will never fall!

  • explore territories of orks, the undead, demons, centaurs and other races;

  • get all Dominion guards together: healers and wizards, desperate fighters and sharp shooters;

  • develop unique abilities for each of your heroes;

  • combine heroes, making a unique and powerful team;

  • battle against unique bosses;

  • create mighty artefacts to equip your heroes;

  • obtain equipment sets, which make guards incredibly strong;

  • compete with other players for best positions on the Arena;

  • explore each floor of a mysterious Tower;

  • build your strategy to rule the Dominion world!

Throne Rush

Throne Rush is an epic strategy game which allows players to rule their own kingdoms and bring them to prosperity while destroying enemies and capturing their wealth. Stone by stone you will build up an inaccessible fortress and become a true leader for your invincible armies - from human knights to mighty dragons and ancient ents. By strategically building towers and upgrading them you can keep your base safely and further progress through the way to the Throne.

Key features:
  • more than 20 various buildings for different purposes;

  • 10 types of troops with specific characteristics - you will be able to work out a winning strategy;

  • real-time battles - shed blood of your enemies and destroy their towns or test your strength in single-player missions;

  • brotherhoods: join forces with other players and fight for the throne along with your friends!

Island Experiment

A group of scientists deploys on a mysterious island in the Pacific Ocean. They are going to investigate the strange circumstances of a military sattelite crash and find out why a spec ops squad has disappeared. Near their camp they discover a lot of mysterious obelisks and monuments that don't look like Indian structures. Huge statues, sanctuaries of ancient gods, barbarian cults evidences and even traces of an alien civilization are scattered around the whole island. Moving to the depths of the island they find out that a web of puzzles and enigmas is covering each cave in this place. Sometimes it seems that there are reflections of another world under the bright sun in this jungle forest.

Key features:
  • explore a diverse and vast world of the game;

  • solve the puzzles of Indian shamans;

  • help the aborigenes to get out of troubles;

  • win the battle against the ancient evil;

  • build your village in the very heart of the jungle and make it prosperous;

  • take care of you estate and collect treasures;

  • play with your friends.


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6031, Larnaca, Cyprus