This Fan Content Policy governs your use of NEXTERS GLOBAL LTD («NEXTERS») copyrights and trademarks with respect to the HERO WARS project (hereinafter referred to as the «Project») including any content provided by us (hereinafter referred to as the «NEXTERS Materials») for a fan content purposes.

(Version dated by the January 24th  2020)


You may use NEXTERS Materials in personal or non-commercial or business purposes, and in accordance to the Fan Content Policy and the Project′s Terms of Service.

This Fan Content Policy regulates a content that has been created as a result of processing/rethinking made by end users of NEXTERS Materials.

Creation of the Fan Content may be used in non-commercial purposes, manuals and applications, fan meetings, fan sites and other uses, provided in compliance with this Fan Content Policy, Terms of Service and applicable laws.

When you create and/or use the Fan Content, it is prohibited to mislead other end users, or create impression that NEXTERS acts as its sponsor, or NEXTERS takes part or otherwise supports your Fan Content.

If you use Fan Content made of NEXTERS Materials, the following message must be introduced to the end users of Fan Content: «This content is not associated with NEXTERS, is not supported, sponsored or approved by NEXTERS, and NEXTERS is not responsible or liable for it».

Any use of NEXTERS Materials and/or Fan Content should be limited to :

  • Its purposes: non-commercial informational interaction between users; and
  • Place: on specified web-sites in the Internet including, but not limited to My World (, Facebook,, OK.RU, and mobile applications on Google Play and App Store platforms.

Violations of the purposes of use include, but not limited to:

  • any attempts to extract financial benefits of NEXTERS Materials and/or Fan Content are prohibited;
  • creation of Fan Content that does not comply with applicable law as well as aimed at inciting hatred or enmity, as well as at degrading the dignity of the person or a group of persons on the grounds of sex, race, nationality, language, origin, attitude toward religion, as well as belonging to a social group, is prohibited;
  • creation of new products or content based on NEXTERS Materials, such as games based on the Project′s game characters;
  • creation of Fan Content that resembles of NEXTERS logos, trademarks or other elements of NEXTERS products and services is prohibited.
  • manufacturing or distribution (for free or otherwise) physical items such as T-shirts that bear any NEXTERS Materials or other NEXTERS intellectual property;
  • creating any novels, movies or other adaptations that include NEXTERS intellectual property;
  • registration of domain names, social media accounts or related addresses for your Fan Content which include NEXTERS trademarks and NEXTERS fictitious business names (such as NEXTERS itself, HERO WARS etc.).


Your respect of the platform rules or channel you choose to share your Fan Content is very important to NEXTERS. You must always follow applicable developer and platform policies and agreements.

By accepting this Policy, you grant NEXTERS a non-exclusive worldwide license, in any means and for the period of validity of intellectual property rights, to the Fan Content created by you, royalty-free and free of any charge whatsoever. We can use your Fan Content, from time to time, without compensation (royalty-free and free of any charge whatsoever), for example for promotional purposes.


This Policy is a part of the NEXTERS Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and we can change it at any time. Use of NEXTERS Materials in the creation of Fan Content is regulated by the NEXTERS Terms of Service (including any provisions regarding disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability). If any provisions of this Fan Content Policy contradict the Terms of Service, the Terms of Service shall prevail in relation to any issues and claims related to the Fan Content.